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GRUVALDO | Erleuchtung

Zûg | Sentidos Elevados

Here comes the third release of my record label Zûg presenting the new series entitled Elevated Senses released now through Yoyaku distribution in Paris.

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Embark on a captivating auditory journey as Zûg presents the highly anticipated ‘Elevated Senses’ series. This remarkable collection delves into the realms of the Third Eye, Premonitions, Telepathy, and Light Beings, pushing the boundaries of perception and immersing listeners in its mesmerizing fusion of acid, breaks, deep house, and minimal sounds.

Elevated Senses is the new series from the prolific Berlin-based producer Todo Kunst aka Zug (aka Gruvaldo among many others), this time exploring such concepts with the third eye, premonitions, telepathy and other arcane subjects. On the A-side you’ve got the deep groove of ‘Tercer Ojo’ followed by the late night affair of ‘Premonition’ – both on a housey tip. Over on the flip is the subtle computer funk ‘Telepatia’ and finally ‘Seres De Luz’ is a contemplative IDM affair that’s perfect for drifting beyond the afterhours.


マスタリング、ジャケット・アートなども自分で行った意欲作!! “Propersound”からもリリースしているベルリンのプロデューサーZûg !! これまでも様々な変名でリリース、活動してきたTodo Kunst !!

Todo | Amor

Amor is my latest musical and visual creation under my Todo being and here are some words about the album:

The first cut Adentro serves as a intro and is a 10 minute long mantra-melody accompanied by improvised love reflections from the heart of Todo.

The second cut Amor is a 13 minute long jam with the deepest sound as is all mixed into a valve-reverb unit called Space Time Machine and you can hear the filaments from the valves throughout the jam. For the lyrics Todo synthetized everything to the core and just repeats the words Te Quiero, I love you, Love and Amor in order to spread love to the listeners and let them hug each other. The world needs more love.

On the third cut entitled Mi Alma (My Soul) Todo keeps improvising with his soul connected with the good energies from our galaxy and sing ‘Dentro de mi ser, Mi alma’ (Inside my being, My soul). On the superficial society that we are living today Todo expresses the importance of being connected to ones soul and real self with the deepest passion speaking from his heart and soul.

The fourth cut entitled Normal enters more relaxed and is speaks about equality. Normal is no one, we are all normal. On a way to unify the people of our planet that seems to split apart more and more.

Last but not least enters Paz (Peace) to wrap up the thing in a super chilled way with an 808 rhythm and a pad with Todo dropping some relaxed chants in order to say goodbye in harmony.

Todo | Hacer

This album is ultra-special to me because it marks my birth as Todo Kunst the first of January of 2020. After arriving home from a party after getting baptized with this name that fell from the sky, I immediately check for other artists with the name Todo and incredibly I did not found another artist registered with such a short and meaningful name.

So I put together the most beautiful songs I found from my extensive music archive and named the album Hacer which means in Spanish the same as the name Todo “to do” and entitled the songs as actions like give, hear, see, touch and imagine.

For the cover, I used a self-portrait I did the same first day of January while welcoming our everything-energy the SUN, the first one of the year 2020. The album consists of beautifully arranged electronic music and is the transition to my new era of music in where I am integrating acoustic instruments, lyrics, and voices. Music to me is about feelings, emotions and feeling it : )

Zûg | Algunos Sentimientos

I released an EP as Zûg on Contumancia in 2015. The EP was well received and some of the tracks on that EP and others were selected to release the first 2 references of Italian record label Propersound run by Domenico Rosa of Imprints Records. Those 2 records also well received in the electronic music scene took me to get a pressing and distribution deal with Subwax Distribution giving me the opportunity to start my own vinyl record label.

After a long process of selection of tracks I end up with 8 cuts and I sat down and listen to them, every one of them made me feel something, so I named each song like the feeling I felt and titled the album “Algunos Sentimientos” that translates Some Feelings. For the cover I used a happy accident picture that I took when I had my studio in my kids room and placed a wooden rainbow toy on top of my modular-synth and voila!.

I thought on releasing it as a double vinyl but I was not sure because sometimes I don’t want to buy a double 12″ if I only like 1 or 2 tracks, so instead I released as 2 records as parts A and B.

Since the only thing the distribution ask me to pay was the mastering and I did not have the budget I mastered myself and surprisingly I end up with the most beloved records from my collection in my hands and heart. They also got fantastic reviews from the best record stores in the world.


Having previously impressed with two suitably atmospheric EPs on Propersound, Zûg has decided to launch his own imprint. This label debut is naturally rather delicious, with the producer offering up a quartet of analog-rich cuts that effortlessly combine the sci-fi sounding futurism of Detroit with the comforting melodiousness of Larry Heard. Such is the quality throughout that picking highlights is tough, though we’re particularly enjoying the gentle grooves and alien melodies of “Constancia” and the suitably dubby, intergalactic pulse of EP opener “Algeria”. Elsewhere, “Bienestar” combines bleeping melodies, dreamy chords and shuffling, tech-house style beats, while “Celebration” sees him wrap far-sighted electronics around a bustling, two-step influenced rhythm track.

Okay we will treat these two magnificent 12″s by Zûg as one, because we can’t really imagine one without the other – both are so indicative of a producer in his prime, they complement each other so well, and we have both in stock at once. “Alegria” is magical – kinda has that tight SND thing going on in the chords but is actually dance music. Tracks like “Bienestar” and “Celebración” feature tranquil wide-open ambience with kooky FX, like very much evocative of some oceanfront property party spots we have seen in Uruguay. Then we have the deeper part two, with woozy strutters like “Bellaza” and “Felicidad” and the curvaceous and deep “Paciencia” and “Amor”. Remember when Villalobos was really in his prime, like really in the proverbial minimal house “window”? That’s what this is like…major recommendation.

Amoeba Music

Quite an unexpected record here from Spain. Fans of Herbert’s glorious micro-house days will love this one, balancing intricate production that sits between house and minimal with that subtle bounce that made Herbert & Akufen’s productions so essential in the early 2000s. In 2 parts, don’t forget to check part B!

Phonica Records

第一弾!ヴァイナル・オンリー!ピュアなアナログ・ディープ・ハウス!Propersoundレーベルからも作品をリリースするベルリン拠点のアーティストZûgが、自身のレーベルをスタートしてニュー・シングルをリリース!繊細でピュアなシンセとドラムマシンのアンサンブルが気持ち良い上質なディープ・ハウス・トラック!「Algunos Sentimientos」と題されたコンセプチュアルなシリーズ第一弾!既にアンダーグラウンドで話題の一枚です!お早めにどうぞ。。

Technique Tokyo

After the successful ZUG001, 2020 gave light to the third part of the Algunos Sentimientos series, this time in form a 2×12 inch vinyl bringing 8 more feelings like Gratitude, Security, Craziness, Fury, Fantasy, Greatness, Ceremony and Weirdness. In this video you can hear me presenting the new album followed by the first 2 references on my special record label.

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